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An effortless transformation that eliminates the need for mascara. Adds length, curl, and fullness to your lash line without any makeup.  Semi-permanent lash extensions are applied lash-by-lash, one at a time, with a safe, FDA-approved adhesive. Lashes can be customized to enhance your unique features. Different eye shapes, needs, and lifestyles are all considered to create unique looks for each client. I specialize in natural-looking lashes. My goal is that you walk away elated with your new lashes feeling more beautiful than you already are!

What are eyelash extensions?


Client Testimonials

"For anyone who has been hesitant to get lash extensions because you're worried they'll look too fake let this serve as a PSA Anjelica has graced my face with her lash skills and I can say Ill never go lash less again! I wanted a natural look and she gave me exactly what I wanted"

HOORAY!!! Ladies of Foothills - If you are getting your lashes done - this is THE place to go...I moved here from the Bay Area about a year and a half ago and am pleased to say that Anjelica is a true Artist at the highest level. I am very picky about my lashes and I was thrilled with Anjelica. We did an initial consultation and I felt like I was truly heard and seen and that Anjelica really spoke to me about the look I was turned out AMAZING. I am so grateful that this Anjel is in town!!

-Susan Lee

"Got my lashes done this morning here and I am blown away! Amazing location! Amazing service! Anjelica was so professional and courteous! My lashes look gorgeous and I'm so very pleased! Definitely will be coming back and sending everyone! Thank you Anjelica for my beautiful lashes!!!"


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