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Did something in you life come up?! Don't forget to notify your Lash Artist! (530)334-8733 


Clients must give a full 24 hours' notice before canceling Or rescheduling an appointment 


Less than 24 hrs/Same-day Cancellations or no-shows will be charged for the FULL service. 

Less than 24hrs/ Same day Rescheduling fee of  $25.00 will be applied unless otherwise specified 

Clients must not be more than 15 mins late to scheduled appointments or this will be considered a No show unless otherwise specified.  


AP Lash Artistry does not offer this service to minors. 

All Clients are required to offer a credit card to keep on file. This card will not be charged unless any of the above occur.  

Please Remove any eye makeup before your appointment so that your lash artist has the full appointment time to apply for new eyelash extensions.

Arrive 10mins early to your first appointment to fill out paperwork, find parking, and use the restroom.

Please do not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages before your eyelash appointment. Caffeine can make you and your eyes jittery resulting in a less-than-relaxing lash appointment.

Please do not bring children or pets to your appointments. This can be distracting for your lash artist and a liability for the studio. You will be turned away and charged for your service. 

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