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Beginners Classic Course Will Cover :

Client Candidacy: Who are Eyelash Extensions for?


Safety and Risks: Allergic Reactions & Contraindications.

Sanitation and hygiene: How to Sanitize tools.

Lash anatomy: Why are fills needed?

The process: How to pick up, tweezer types, isolation,

lash placement, tapping, eye pads, curls, and healthy lashing techniques.

Adhesive: Types, humidity, temp

Removal: How to remove Lashes

How to In-Fill ( pricing, and process)

Flat Lashes

Mapping (eye shapes and styles)

Creating Depth and texture


Water Scrubs

Tips and tricks

( tape back, inner eye, outer corner)

After care: How to Care for Eyelash Extensions



How to edit and take great before and after photos

Client consent forms, photo releases, Insurance,

& Resources for great tools.


Certificate:  Certification is earned. Most lashing courses offer certification to their students regardless of skill level. I want clients to know that their lash artist has earned this certification. Not just by showing up to a training course, but by demonstrating safe, high-quality lashing. Every ALA certified Artist has had their work thoroughly assessed and has met the criteria standard in the lash industry.



Starter Kit Includes:

Everything you will need to lauch a successful career in the Eyelash Extensions Industry. Everything has been hand selected by an expert lash artist. Your kit will include:

  • 1 practice manikin head

  •  practice lashes

  • 1 set of stainless steel percision tweezers

  • 1 Jade stone

  • a pack of spoolies

  • Mirco swab brushes

  • medical grade tape

  •  eye pads,

  • high quality adhesive

  • removing solution

  • hydrometer

  • .15 C & D Curl Mixed tray of lashes 

  • .12 C & D Curl Mixed tray of lashes

  • .15 C & D Curl Mixed Flat Lashes 

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