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Classic vs. Volume Eyelash Extensions

Whats the Difference? 

Classic Lashes 

Volume Lashes

Classic Technique

  • One individual extension applied to one individual lash (i.e. 100 natural lashes = 100 extensions)

  • Add Length and Curl to clients natural lashes 

  • Good for clients with a lot of natural lashes 

  • Until now the standard technique in the lash industry  

Volume technique 

  • Ultra thin extensions created into a fan of 2-5 lashes and applied to one individual natural lash (i.e. 100 natural lashes = 200-500 extensions )

  • Gives a lighter and fuller look while still adding length and curl to clients natural lashes 

  • Good for clients who do not have a lot of natural lashes, have bald spots or want a fuller look 

  • Most natural feeling and light weight 

  • Fills are typically every 3 weeks instead of 2 

  • Newest technique, not all lash artists offer this service 

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